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Watcha is a streaming service and mobile app front end that enables content creators to provide video content to anyone who wishes to watch their live or pre-recorded content. Giving content creators the

mechanism to distribute and most importantly, charge for the video’s that they create, sets Watcha apart from any other video streaming service.

Across Southern Africa there are a multitude of opportunities for video streaming and pre-recorded content playback in schools, sports clubs, music, arts and culture genre’s, all of which require:

  • a platform to distribute their streaming and pre-recorded content
  • a mechanism to charge consumers for the right to view premium content

Watcha is creating the end-to-end solution that will satisfy this need. With the mass adoption of smart devices and the rising cost of traditional television media, there is a

clear need to provide an alternative that gives consumers a broad choice of content at a low cost. With the Watcha goal of maintaining an 80% free to view content level, users will have direct access to

explore, watch and pay for the premium content they choose. Initially focusing on school sports, arts and cultural activities which are currently not broadcast and for

which there is a strong existing demand, the Watcha platform will change the way that viewers consume live and pre-recorded content. With independent video production companies providing filming services

to schools (where the schools do not create their own content), Watcha is going to enable the creation of a new filming sector in South Africa.

Extending the platform beyond the school arena and even beyond South Africa is a medium term priority. The Watcha system has been designed to utilise the same core backend services and infrastructure to

connect to any other Watcha front end. This means that with very little additional technical effort and negligible cost, Watcha will be able to build, connect and deploy new genre-specific applications into the

app stores targeted at niche markets such as education, business training or club sports.

Watcha is going to become the new standard for both free and paid media consumption.


Watcha is unique

Our goal is to make it easy for anyone who wishes to create and share live or pre-recorded video to be able to do so, broadcasting it through our Watcha platform to their audience with the flexibility to charge

for the service that they are providing. Through our Watcha platform we will become the single biggest provider of school, sport and cultural video content.


Flexibility in scheduling

No other streaming service is specifically designed to allow the content creator the flexibility to schedule a live stream or make pre-produced content available with the flexibility that Watcha is designed to do. All

content creators will have the opportunity to market their future live events, promote current streams and share pre-recorded content with ease.


Flexibility in pricing

Content creators will be able to charge one fee to watch a live event, a different fee to watch a recording of that same event and after a user defined time period, make that video available to view for free. They

will have the tool to earn with a great deal of flexibility while the system assists them in attracting new users to their channels. Giving a school the mechanism to charge R15 to watch a first team rugby game live or R50 per viewer,

to watch the latest pre-recorded school play is a feature not found anywhere else.


Flexibility in delivery

Designed to work on Android and IOS, mobile phones and tablets, we are putting the Watcha streaming app directly into the hands of our viewers. With more mobile devices than television sets in Southern

Africa with a growing distribution of free wi-fi networks, the Watcha service will be more available to more people in more places than any other video service.


Flexibility to view

Watcha gives the viewer the tool to watch what they want, when they want it. With different channels for each school, sport club or other content creator, the user can subscribe to favorite channels to or

browse through the available live or pre-recorded content.


Flexibility to Notify

With a built in notification service, Watcha will notify viewers of new videos loaded to their subscribed channels, remind them about up-coming events that they have pre-paid for and even allow content

creators to send messages to promote their individual brands.


Extending to film, TV, music, business and more

The initial application will be targeted at schools. Being connected to the same backend server and services, we will have the flexibility to create a new front end application, brand it for use in a different

sector, and release it with very little comparative effort and very little cost.


Currently envisioned applications include:

  • Watcha for schools (initial build and release)
  • Watcha for locally produced short films, TV, documentaries and movies
  • Watcha for music
  • Watcha for business

Providing a platform for the distribution of locally created content, provided by businesses that we support and enabling film makers, producers and educators to market and sell their work at a price that

they choose is a goal that will be realised through the creation of Watcha.


Working with content provider businesses to create video

In order for the Watcha business model to thrive, content must be made readily available to viewers. In order to achieve this, subscribed schools are given the option of either:

  • creating and providing the content themselves, or
  • requesting a content provider be made available

In order to provide quality content, a minimum standard of equipment and internet connection is required. Should a school choose to provide and create the content themselves, they are to register with

Watcha as a content provider, comply with the required standards and start filming.

Should it be preferable to a school to have external content creators provide filming and broadcast services, Watcha will assist by connecting schools with local providers with the required capability.


Filming Business in a Box - helping to create new local businesses

Working with Sun Advisory, Watcha is working with national government agencies to make “Filming Businesses in a Box” available to qualified candidates. Some of the services that will be provided include:

  • Company registration
  • Business advisory services for a year
  • Accounting services for a year
  • Equipment financing

This service will be scaled to meet the needs of the individual applicant from a single camera operator through to multiple camera’s and multiple locations, providing everything from the customers, the

equipment and business financing to the support needed to see the business thrive. Using Watcha as a springboard we hope to be part of building hundreds of new businesses across the

country with the ability to not only film for schools but for other industries and Watcha opportunities too.


Video training and support

New and existing businesses will be provided with support on:

  • the Watcha video streaming process
  • charging and billing
  • equipment usage
  • sports camerawork
  • general cinematography

Our intention is to connect the Watcha value chain in a all-win scenario for all involved.


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