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At CMP we pride ourselves on building a long lasting relationship with each of our customers, their satisfaction and needs are our top priority. To ensure that we build a solid relationship, we strive for honesty, integrity and excellence in each of our installs, events and productions. We acknowledge that every installation and event is unique in their own way, that is why we take sufficient time to ensure that we completely understand the needs of our customers. We are fortunate to have done various very big and successful installations, with tremendous customer feedback.

 Why use CMP

With years of experience in sound system design we can provide you with hands on experience and an unrivalled understanding of the application of products, specifically with regards to the venues and users. CMP has an events division (Sound, Lights, AV and filming) and therefore we have an understanding of what is expected for a sensational production.

We start each of our projects, whether large or small, by listening carefully to our client's needs. We then combine our creativity, experience and understanding of the bigger picture to help bring their  dreams to reality.

This is what one of the leading suppliers said about CMP: Justin Acres - Prosound CEO
"Please come talk to us more. We want you to get installs:
1. Because we like you, 
2. Your install quality and values match ours ,
3. You do our brands justice.
The music shops are so dangerous now in the install space. Poor quality installs no back up and no after sales no training and clients fall for the price."

We are fortunate to work very closely with the following experts in the sound design and eventing industry when we tackle a new event.
Grant Scott            - Sound System Design Highlights (former Director and Head Systems Engineer for a leading Audio Visual company in South Africa) 
Jacques Rossow   - Acoustical Engineer & Acoustic expert.
Mark Malherbe      - Specialist Audio Engineer & System programmer.
Ian Blair                 - ETC Lighting and Studio expert.
Dave Hussey         - Structural Engineer, he signs off on majority of our outdoor productions, ensuring that our stage is correctly and safely setup.

Some of CMP's installations:

  • Castle de Wildt auction venue at Modimole - Full Maestro PA, RANE Hall1X with expansion card, One systems all weather speakers, EV ZX5's, Full HD 4K Projector, Video switching etc. All digital inputs can be controlled via smartphone and be routed to any output. 
  • Market Theatre - Sound & AV installation
  • HTS Middelburg we did a distribution system with 36 Electro Voice SX300 speakers, powered with 6 EV amps and controlled with a  Rane Hall Processor.
  • Ligbron in Ermelo we did a P-Audio Ceiling mount distribution system, also powered by EV and controlled by a Rane Hall2 processor with expansion cards. 12 separate zones can be controlled in any way. All the sound sources can be routed to any venue and easily controlled.
  • We have done a complete Sound install at Florence Guest Farm with Ashly Processing and EV ZX1A speakers.
  • Lapeng Lodge near Steelpoort - we installed 12 x EV ZXA1's 4 ZX1 Subs, 12 EZ Evid speakers, Rane Hall1X Processor and a lot more that includes lights and Outdoor PA
  • Valleisig NG Church - Midas M32, Maestro PA with a Rane Hall1, Audio Technica and DPA Microphones. The very first silent stage in-ear monitor system was also installed at Valleisig
  • Suiderlig NG Church - Maestro PA with silent stage monitor system
  • Smitsfield Venue - Complete design from A - Z  Turbosound with the first Ashly Digital console sold in Africa
  • Several Churches as well as Schools also benefitted from our expertise. From Musina down to Port Alfred

 Company Philosophy 

The philosophy of “what would be the best solution for a particular client’s needs”, has allowed CMP to develop trusting, close and long-lasting relationships.

 What we do:

  • Supply and install world class sound system designs for both professional and commercial installations sourced from various suppliers, both locally and internationally.
  • Project Management and installation oversight on any eventing projects.
  • Technical support for installations as well as events and productions.

System Design & Engineering:

 - Hands-on approach (users of equipment)
 - Design / Build Solutions
 - Full Systems Integration
 - Customised System Design to suite venue/application
 - Cost effective design solutions
 - Ability & experience to engineer solutions for adverse African conditions