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CMP lighting team is proud to make use of the latest lighting fixtures from the worlds best
suppliers. We use Martin Show Designer software package (MSD6 Gold) to pre program lighting shows. This enable our customers to see what they will get and what they are paying for.

Our lighting infantry consists of:

  • 4 x Martin Mac 700 profiles
  • 16 x Martin Mac 101 moving heads
  • 8 x Martin RUSH MH4 Beams
  • 1 x Martin M2go lighting desk
  • M-PC
  • Martin M-Touch
  • 16 x VersaLight Hi Power LED cans
  • 6 x KUPO ZPL Hi-Power LED Cans
  • 8 x ETC Source 4 Profiles
  • 8 x ETC Source 4 junior zoom profiles
  • 16 x Fresnels
  • 18 x 1000w Par Cans
  • 1 x JEM K1 Hazer
  • 2 x Antari Smoke Machines
  • 2  x Griven UV Boosters

We cater from a single beam of light up until the very sun itself.
Our lighting team has been extensively trained with many years of experience making it
possible for them to light any function or show above your expectations.
We only use the best to make sure we serve our clients with the best!