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CMP completed our eventing solutions in January 2014 with the introduction of our new ARC roof stage structure from Eurotruss. The mainstage covers 80 square metres. With the stage we also bought the Eurotruss stage decks with different heights. The decks can handle weight up to 150 kg per square metre. 

This resulted in a complete event solution which includes the following:

  • 10 x 8 ARC Roof Stage with Speaker wings.
  • 6 x 4 Eurotruss stage without speaker wings covered with white stretch cloth.
  • 57  2x1m Stage Decks
  • 6 x 1m x 1m decks
  • Tannoy VQNet Live PA
  • Electrovoice ZX5 speakers
  • Klark Teknik DI's and 4 way splitters
  • Midas Pro series Sound desk
  • Midas M32 digital desk
  • Electrovoice RE2 series Headsets 
  • Audio Technica series 3000 headsets
  • Audio Technica series 3000 cordless mics
  • Audio Technica series of Instrument and Drum Mics
  • Christie Projectors
  • Front & Rear Projection screens up to a 6m x 3m rear projection truss mount screen.
  • All our Martin Moving heads which includes Mac 101's, Mac 700 Profiles, Rush MH4 Beams, Led Cans, ETC Source 4 Profiles etc all controlled through our Martin M2Go Lighting desk.
  • To further advance your production, we add our Traveller JIB, Dolly with Tracks, GlideCam, Carbon Fibre Steadycam and Newtek Tricaster HD video switcher recorder with our Panasonic AG-DVX200 4K Video cameras.
  • Our video signal runs on Kramer switchers & Scalers through CAT 5 cable up to 150 meters of high Resolution video.
  • The whole event can be pre-programmed on MSD6 Gold for approval by our clients.