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When quality of sound is of importance delivered with precision and excellent service, then CMP is the company you should use for your production. We offer our clients professional advice and service. We use QUALITY equipment such as Audio Technica, Electrovoice RE2, DPA, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Shure & Sennheiser microphones. We own 20 Pro series Headsets for musicals etc. For PA we use the high end Electrovoice ZX5's, driven with a series of EV amps. We will use Electrovoice's ELX200 12P for smaller shows and corporates. Ecler for school productions, and for outdoor events we use our Tannoy VQNet Live together with the ZX5's as delays when needed. Our Outdoor PA with delays are 18 000 watts of pure concert sound!!

We are using a Midas Pro 1 digital desk with 2 Midas digital stage boxes. This enables us to run 48 channels in and 24 sends out. We have a Midas M32 console as our monitor desk. 32 Channel 4 way Klark Teknik splitters are being used as well. Even our DI's are Klark Teknik. Quality equipment produces quality sound, when it's combined with expertise! 
When the need is there to do a multitrack recording of a live show we offer the best available in the recording industry: Midas Pro 1 Console with a Klark Teknik network bridge, recording up to 64 channels at 96khz on Logic ProX

We cater for:

  • Outdoor events
  • Corporate events
  • School revues and concerts
  • Choir performances
  • Price Giving events
  • Church events
  • Nursery School concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Artists performances
  • Year end functions

CMP provide sound services in school halls, on sport fields, conference rooms, etc. There is no event we cannot cater for. We offer different sound system packages that can cater form as little as 30 people to as large as 7 000 people.
Our sound division has a lot of experience in enhancing children’s voices in choir and revue format.